A pinch of progress

With the welder arriving today we tore out the entire bathroom and entry floor in preparation. There was some hidden dry rot under the tub so it was time to realize, if we wanted to complete the job with any level of quality, the whole thing had to come out. After all, the day may come when Jacqui and I may want to sell the Dolphin to some other couple with grandiose dreams of adventure, and the last thing I want to do is give them a lemon.

With the floor out it was easy to see that even brand new there was some inadequate engineering in the Dolphin. So we had the welder put in a whole extra steel beam, as well as replace a damaged one, so that the old girl will be sturdier than ever. Also the new floor will serve as an anchor point for the walls. This is definitely a large project, and I have had a few fantasies of bulldozing the whole thing into a flat bed truck and buying a cab-over camper, but it’s becoming more obvious that we’ve made the right decision.

Oh ya, one more thing. All the work and materials today cost a massive $50USD.

Whole rear floor cut out and removed

Prepping a steel beam to be welded into the Dolphin

Measured, cut, mocked in place and ready to be welded.

He's standing where the toilet should be.

Trimming the steel so the holding tanks will fit in place.

Jacqui is standing where the dining area should  be.

Replacement beam for the damaged one installed.