Dolphin completion and an ode to Stone Island

During the past five weeks Jacqui and I have soldiered on each day with our occasional, and understandable, ups and downs. As the Dolphin project finally dwindled to mere touch ups and packing, it seemed the magnitude and stress of it all had finally caught up with us. What should very well have been the easiest part of this entire project, had become the most difficult.

From the day we started on the Dolphin till completion we worked seven days a week to get our home back, the one day we didn't work on construction, we spent the entirety of it shopping for parts.  I think it's safe to say, when move-in time finally hit, Jacqui and I were burnt out. For the last few days of work, which should have taken mere hours, our belongings were half in the Dolphin, half scattered around us. No matter how hard we searched for inner motivation to finish the dwindling tasks, our feet were dragging and we were in snappy moods. It's one of those moments in life where anything and everything suddenly becomes far more interesting than the task at hand.

BUT!....The Dolphin is complete and tomorrow morning is the big day of departure! We’re hoping our first stop, North of Puerto Vallarta, will gift us with good wind for a long overdue kiteboarding session. But before we hit the road, a few before and after pictures of the Dolphin.

Finally departing is a bittersweet feeling. Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) has definitely become a home to us. We have friends, locals and within the RV park, that we recognize daily. We have favorite spots to hang, know the best food around and have gotten to know the lay of the land. This will always be a place that we remember fondly. So Jacqui and I would like to offer an ode to our home from the past month and a half. 

Perfect explanation of our personalities

Farewell dinner

Typical fishing boat on the beach

Waving while riding the quad through town

Dani's mechanic spot

snack stand, closed at the moment

The supermarket

Where the fishermen gather

Paying for the water taxi

Panga (water taxi)

People coming from Mazatland to Stone Island

You'd be surprised all the things they stick on the water taxi's

The Panga dock in Mazatlan

A typical cab in Mazatlan, the Pulmonia

Riding the bus through Mazatlan, major stops are written directly on the window

Exploring the Friday night Art Walk

More from the Art Walk

Looking at art makes me hungry

Amazing pastries in an amazing city

Beautiful Stone Island scenery 

If you go far enough down the beach it's untouched 

Taking his horse for the daily walk

Waves are picking up

Buenas noches Isla de la Piedra