For two years Jacqui Belleau and Cameron Belscher have been trying to drive to South America; they're not very good at it.

If you’re seeking smooth adventures and idyllic vacation photos then this travel blog is probably not for you. An accident in one adventure vehicle, a DIY motor swap in another, leaving our belongings in Mexico and returning to the US by bus, implausibly frequent breakdowns and living in a 40,000 square foot warehouse are all part of how a one year trip stretched into a lifetime of stories with no end in sight.

No one has ever accused us of being lucky, however these mishaps continually introduce us to wonderful people and their generosity. We approach these hurdles with a sense of humor and determination, believe us, you need it when you cohabit such a small space. When not rebuilding an adventure rig we enjoy kiteboarding, cycling, rock climbing and spoiling other people’s dogs.

Come along for the ride, we can’t say where we’re going or that we’ll even make it, but we promise it won’t be boring.

Cameron. Writer, roadside mechanic, captain and source of 90% of sarcasm erupting from the van. In addition to Cameron's long list of Overland DIY skills he's quite handy at coffee grinding and pancake flipping.
When bored, approach with extreme caution.

Jacqui. Navigator, award winning product designer, photo-snapper, campsite discoverer and source of all bubbly energy in our van.
Very grumpy when hungry or woken up early.